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There are two types of installation:

1. A new installation: XMM is not currently installed on your PC and you want to install it.

2. An update installation: XMM is already installed on your PC and you want to install the most current version.

In either case, the steps for the installation are simple. XMM does most of the work for you.

New Installation

Download the Current Release

1. Go to the XMM main website:

2. Click on the Download link at the top of the page or click on the big picture.

3. On the Download page, you can:

* Click on the link to show what changes have been introduced in the current release. You may want to look at these release notes to determine whether you want to download the release.

* Click on one of the links to directly download the current release. You will get the same release whether you click on the Primary Download or on one of the Mirror download sites.


The file you will be downloading is an installation application file. Therefore, depending on the browser you are using, you may be given options to save the file or to run the file. If you run the file, your browser will download the file and will run it right away. If you save the file, your browser will only download the file. In that case, you will need to go to the location that you downloaded the file and double-click on it to run it. There are advantages to doing it either way.

* By running the file from within your browser, you save yourself the extra work of going to the file's location and double-clicking on it to run it.

* By saving the file, you have a copy of the file in a known location. That may prove to be useful as a backup in case you need to re-install XMM for any reason. Although remember, you also can always come back to the XMM website to donload it again. However, if your Internet Service Provider caps the amount of download you have each month, you may find this an additional reason to download and save the file to a known location on your hard drive.

Install the Current Release

Once the installation application file is downloaded onto your computer, you can run the installation.

The following screen shots show the steps of installing the XMM application.

1. Windows Security Warning: Run the installation application by double clicking on it. This assumes you downloaded the file to your hard drive. If you elected to run the application from your Internet browser, then the application should start automatically. In either case, if you are running Windows 7 on your computer, you will probably be shown an initial warning screen. This is a typical warning by Windows, and XMM is safe to install. Therefor, click on Next.
2. XMM Full Install: The initial screen shown by the installation application explains the full install for XMM.
3. License Agreement: You must accept the license agreement in order to install the XMM application. Review the content of the license. If you do not agree with the terms, click on Cancel and you will not install XMM. If you do agree with the terms, click on Next.
4. Select Destination Folder: By default, XMM will select a destination folder. The folder location is based on the operating system you are using. The screen shot below shows the default folder when using Windows 7. If you want to change the installation folder, click on the Browse button and navigate to a different folder. When you are OK with the location of the destination folder to be used for installation, click on Next.
5. Select Startup Menu Folder: XMM will also designate by default a folder to be used on your Startup Menu. As before, you can select a different folder by clicking on the Browse button. Once you are OK with the location of the folder on your Startup Menu, click on Next.
6. Select Additional Tasks: Check the appropriate check box to designate what you want XMM to do here. The check box Create a desktop icon will create on your desktop a shortcut to the XMM application. Create a Quick Launch icon will create on your taskbar a link to the XMM application. Both of them will make it quick and easy to start XMM. Select whichever choices you prefer by checking or unchecking the check boxes
7. Ready to Install: This screen shows a summary of the choices you made for installing XMM. Review the information displayed. If you want to make any changes, click on the Back button. Otherwise, if you are OK with the selections made, click on he Next button and XMM will immediately start the installation.
8. During Installation: While installation is in progress you are always able to cancel the installation and roll back to the previous release.
9. Complete: Once installation is complete, the installation application will display the screen showing that the installation has completed. If you want to launch XMM right away, check the check box. Uncheck the check box if you do not want to launch XMM right away. Then click on the Finish button. The installation application will quit. If the check box was checked, then XMM will start.

Update Your Current Installed Version of XMM

Whenever you start XMM, if you are connected to the Internet, XMM will check to see if there are any updates to the XMM application or to the scripts.

If any updates are available, XMM will briefly display the notification in the lower right portion of the monitor.

This section will explain the steps for updating the XMM application.

You can also manually check for an update at any time.
On the XMM Ribbon, click on the Help tab. Here you can check for updates either of two ways:

1. Click on the XMM Website button: This will open an Internet browser and take you to the XMM website. Once there, follow the instructions described above to download and install the latest version of the XMM application.

2. Click on the Check for Updates button: This will open the XMM window to enable you to check for, download and install any updates.

Update Installation

The instructions below explain the steps to follow when clicking on the Check Updates button.

You will see a list of all available Updates for the main program as well as for each script.
When a new release is available you now have to check the new release for downloading. Simply click Start Update.

Once your download has finished you will recieve a message to close XMM before updating.

After closing XMM the update will start immedeatly.
All further steps are identical to the Full Install above excepts that you can read Update Only.

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